Recharge & Reset
Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Recharge & Reset: Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

Imagine how it would be for you to:

  • Experience more tranquillity and balance in your life?
  •  Learn how to slow down, in order to properly relax?
  • Commence the day in a relaxed manner, even when heaps of hectic activities are waiting for you around the corner?
  • Enshrine ‘me-time’ in your life, out of love for yourself?
  • Sense that your life force is alight again?
  • Feel yourself physically fit and energetic, so that you are able to do the things you enjoy without any obstructions?

Suppose that:

  • You discover that inside yourself lies a core of tranquillity and relaxation, on which you can always fall back
  • You experience that, with proper attention, it is actually rather simple to get in touch with this core inside of you
  • You enjoy slowing down for a second, so as to be fully ‘switched on again after that
  • You are able to develop functional daily rituals that will help you to get a grip on your energy
  • You will feel lighter, fitter, and more energised than you would have ever thought

Does this get your blood racing? ‘Recharge & Reset Retreat’ from September 26th until October 3rd 2024.



Retreat Countdown

The retreat has started!. Would you like to get informed for future retreats? Please contact us via our contact form.

What can you expect?

  • Daily yoga, breathing, and meditation sessions under proper guidance of experienced instructors/teachers
  • Ayurvedic treatments and massages, customised to your exact body type, that remove toxins from the body and improve your energyflow
  • Workshops om:
    • Learn understand your unique body type from an Ayurvedic perspective and see how you can adjust your daily life to the rhythm of your body type in the most optimal way
    • Work towards applying the wisdom of Ayurveda in your daily life
    • Gain insight in how you can keep internalising your revitalising rituals and habits in a sustainable way and self-loving way (instead of it just being one more point on your to-do list)
  • Delicious vegetarian meals, prepared with fresh local ingredients
  • Free time to wander around in nature, to read, to relax
  • Free time to get acquainted with the horses that are present
  • Stay in an authentic and ambient lodge, made from sustainable materials and equipped with all modern amenities

At the end of the 8-day ‘Recharge & Reset Retreat’, you will return home with:

  • A de-stressed mind and body
  • The ability to reconnect with your innate source of energy
  • The adamantine conviction that you yourself are worth it to be told ‘’Yes!’’ by yourself
  • Your personal set of daily rituals through which you can let your energy flow
  • Exercises that help you to return to your inner core of tranquility
  • Tips to implement more deceleration in your life, so you can be active more effectively afterwards
  • Knowledge about your specific body type, so you will know in what way your body thrives best
  • Inspiration on applying the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in your modern daily life

The ‘Recharge & Reset Retreat’ will take place from Thursday the 26th of September until Friday the 3rd of October 2024. We will receive you on the afternoon of the 26th of September with a communal welcome dinner and we will wave you goodbye on the 3rd of October after breakfast. The group is select and consists of a maximum of 8 persons. This ensures our exclusive attention for each of our participants.

What is included?

  • In order to gain a greater profit from the retreat, you will receive personal guidance to do a mild detox three weeks before the actual retreat. This personal guidance will be tailored to your specific body type
  • 7-nights stay in a luxury lodge
  • Daily yoga, breathing, and meditation sessions
  • A full-body treatment/massage every other day
  • A workshop every other day in which you will learn how Ayurveda can work for you in your daily life
  • Daily inspirational sessions on health and wellbeing from an Ayurvedic perspective
  • A goody bag to support you with your newly found daily habits
  • A workbook
  • Plenty of free time for ‘me-time’ and relaxation

What is not included?

  • Flights to and from Romania
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Excursions
  • (Travel) Insurance


Though the flights are not included we are available to advise you on the booking of your flights. We are also happy to arrange the transfers for you. The fares will be between € 25 and € 30 per person per trip.

Your investment for participation in the ‘Recharge & Reset Retreat’:

For a 2-person shared bedroom with private bathroom: € 1875 per person

For a 1-person bedroom with private bathroom: € 2175 per person


Early Bird Deal:

If you book your stay before the 1st of June 2024, you will receive a € 100 discount


Ever since 2008, when I started my journey of studying Ayurveda, I have been fascinated by the simplicity and power of Ayurveda. Since 2012, I have been running my own practice, where I have always guided clients with various complaints. My specialism lies, predominantly, in the field of digestive complaints, skin complications, and rheumatic complaints. What I find most amazing about Ayurveda is that, even during extremely busy periods of my life, I have been able to apply some essential ‘keys’ of Ayurveda.  Through this I have been able to address a certain tranquillity and mental fortitude inside myself. I would really like to share this inspiration with all of you!

I have known Kirsten from my study days and we never truly lost sight of each other. We both teach at Ayurveda Academy Netherlands and together, we provide the massage training for the course.

Kirsten and I complement each other in our work; that’s what makes our collaboration so powerful. Besides my ayurveda work I have experience in a business environment where often the call on your mental capacity prevails. Due to this I have the tendency to become disconnected with all that is going on in my body. I really needed to learn how to reconnect and synchronise my body and mind and in fact I’m still on the learning curve 😉 Kirsten on the other hand does this in a very natural way as a result of her training and expertise in the yoga field.

Read more about Kirsten, click here.

Recharge & Reset

During this 8-day long Ayurveda & Yoga retreat, we will show you how to apply the wisdom and power from ayurveda and yoga in your own daily life. This retreat will be one of a kind, because, besides yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation, you will receive personal guidance and massages. Personal attention for you will be at the centre stage of the whole week.

We will customise the massages perfectly according to your individual needs. The treatments will contribute to the removal of toxins and will make your nervous system relax. Through this combination of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques, you will experience deep (inner) peace and will clear the way for your life force to flow properly. 

The process of adjusting to your individual needs begins even before the retreat itself has started: In a personal meeting, you will be advised on lifestyle and nutrition, so that you can start to implement this immediately after. If you start with a light detox even before the retreat, you will gain an even greater profit from the relaxing treatments, yoga, and meditation while there.

This all in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Romania, at a similarly breathtaking location: Horse’s Nest. Tucked far away from the heaps of tourists, surrounded by untouched nature, forests, and mountains, we will create a sanctuary where you are at the altar. You will awake in the midst of the orchard full of fruit trees, while being surrounded by spectacular panoramic views. Discover the healing effect that a pure way of life in this natural environment has on you. Get in touch with the powerful energy of horses, that may provide you with insights about yourself. Though all of this, Horse’s Nest is far off from a standard retreat accommodation.

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Nica & Kirsten will make sure you will get the right treatment for you to fully reset and recharge!

The Instructors Nicha & Kirsten

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